2018 AGM

Auckland Unitarian Church

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Sunday 10th June 2018 – 12.00pm

The Annual General Meeting of the Auckland Unitarian Church will be held on Sunday, 10th June, following the morning service.

Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM but only voting members are allowed to vote. A voting member is someone who has been on the Church Register for more than 30 days and paid their minimum annual membership donation ($132) more than 15 days prior to the AGM.

If you are not yet a voting member and would like to become one, please contact our membership coordinator, Shirin Caldwell, or our minister, Clay Nelson, so that they can explain the process to you. 

Notices regarding the AGM

Reports to the AGM

Concerning all report writers. All reports need be submitted no later than the 6th June 2018 to Church Secretary.

Email: Secretary@aucklandunitarian.org.nz

Church Officer Nominations

Please see form below. Must be signed and submitted to the Church Secretary (either in hard copy or electronic form) no later than 7 days before the date of the meeting. Submissions by Sunday 3rd June 2018. Nominations are now closed.

Email: Secretary@aucklandunitarian.org.nz

Elected Officer Position:

Secretary (1)

Treasurer (1)

Members of the Management Committee (6 or more)

Delegate to ANZUUA (1)

Internal Auditors (2)

Murial Newland Trust Fund Church Trustee (2)

Proxy Votes

Please see form below. Must be signed and submitted to the Church Secretary (either in hard copy or electronic form) no later than 24 hours prior to the stated meeting. Submissions by Noon on Saturday 9th June

Email: Secretary@aucklandunitarian.org.nz

Print out a hard copy proxy voting form or submit a proxy voting form electronically.


Please pledge before the AGM.

The draft 2018/19 budget will be presented at the AGM for approval. The budget is based upon a pledging income form members and friends of $70,000, which works out to be about $900 per member (assuming our membership continues to grow).

To date only about 50% of members and friends have pledged.

If you have not submitted a pledge (hard copy or electronic). Please do so no later than 8th June – even if your pledge will remain the same as last year.

You can print out a pledge form here: https://aucklandunitarian.org.nz/2018-2019AucklandUnitariansPledgeForm.pdf

or submit your pledge electronically here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlOIU21o0V-IEB6ovf8um5q2TQ0G_f3DBIrwI654f_pE5-Yg/viewform

If you have any questions, please contact Betsy Marshall, Pledge Coordinator

Email: pledge@aucklandunitarian.org.nz

Agenda Items 2018 AGM

  1. One remit is proposed and this excludes all dogs in church (excluding registered guide dogs). This remit will require members to vote.

  1. There will be general discussion on the organ fund.

  1. There will be a general discussion on membership fees and the basis for them.

  1. The proposed budget will be presented by Treasurer Terry Childs for approval.

  2. Voting in nominees for elected positions