Peace & Social Justice Action

PSJ (Peace and Social Justice) action has long been a part of Unitarianism in Auckland. A small active group of members decided that they wanted to do more than talk about issues, they felt they needed to walk that talk. To do this, they decided to start building a special Peace and Social Justice Fund, and from 2006 onwards regular pledging by these members began. The aim has been to focus efforts where the PSJ group felt they could make a real difference.

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Amnesty International – Urgent Action Network

A group in our congregation is working with Amnesty International’s (AI) “Urgent action campaign”.

An “Urgent action” is initiated when an individual is in immediate danger of human rights violations. A I then mobilises a dedicated group of letter writers to take action in the form of letters, email or fax. The letters ask that officials improve human rights of the situation of the individual.

Amnesty International New Zealand is a part of the Amnesty International network, an international nonprofit organisation working to end human rights abuses. It is one of more than 80 nationally organised sections of the global Amnesty movement.

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