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A Vision Splendid

The Influential Life of William Jellie
A British Unitarian in New Zealand.

Cover of A vision Splendid, Wayne Facer
A vision Splendid, Wayne Facer

A Vision Splendid by Wayne Facer was released at an invitational and public book launch party on 24th March 2018.

This fascinating biography of William Jellie, a pioneering Unitarian minister and educator and a key figure in the history of Unitarianism in New Zealand, is a once in a lifetime publication.

This book is essential reading for anyone who has an interest in New Zealand’s early history, Unitarianism, trade unionism, workers’ education and the fight for secular education.

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Why should we care?

with Craig Hoyle, Senior Reporter, Stuff NZ



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Craig Hoyle © 25th February 2018

Craig became a journalist following his experiences being cast out as a gay teenager. Craig discusses the role journalists play in bringing justice to social issues, despite the bad rap they sometimes receive.

– Worship leader: Clay Nelson.

A House for Our Dreams Blessing By Dori J. Somers