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From Lisa to Elijah: Transition & Transcendence

The second of 2 Sundays this month devoted to Gender Identity and Transgender Issues.


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Rev. Clay Nelson.

Elijah Luke Michel is a face-to-face Counsellor at OUTLine NZ and is a qualified Chaplain of no fixed faith.

Clay concluded with a meditation from Lenore Lux – What is Transgender?

Gender Identity and Transgender Issues 1

The first of 2 Sundays this month devoted to these issues.


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Rev. Clay Nelson.

Adam Rohe.

Briar Collard – giving a talk based on a piece by John Oliver from Last Week Tonight.

Cole Meyers began with a quote from Junot Díaz and followed up with some words of his own.

Lexie Matheson shared some of his story.

Adam closed the session with a reading of Andrew by Andrea Gibson.

Peace and Social Justice : Walking the Talk

The Peace and Social Justice Committee, represented today by Henri van Roon and Paul Henriques.


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Henri van Roon and Paul Henriques © 22 November 2015

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Follen Community Church, Lexington, MA, USA.

Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Vicki Soto Memorial

Understanding Islam

From April through October 2015 over twelve Wednesday evening sessions we watched a short video presentation on Islam by an esteemed Islamic scholar and followed up with a discussion on the issues raised.

Clay sees that it is vital for the west to know more about Islam, given Islam’s growth and projections it will become a dominant religion thoughout the world within a few decades.

How we as a society respond to Islam highlights principles of religious freedom and respecting those of different beliefs, as we struggle with the issues of tolerating the intolerant and understanding extremism, be it religious, polical or social.