Standing on the Side of Love

Marching for love? or marching for hate?

with David Hines

Marching for love? or marching for hate?
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I had a rather difficult experience two weeks ago (14 December), when I received an invitation to join a protest in favour of having non-racist immigration. The protest was to be outside Jacinda’s Mt Albert Electorate office. I was invited because other unitarians are also on their mailing list. And I support non-racist immigration, so I went along to the Unite Office a few minutes walk from Jacinda’s office where we were to assemble and start marching.

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Why should we care?

with Craig Hoyle, Senior Reporter, Stuff NZ



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Craig Hoyle © 25th February 2018

Craig became a journalist following his experiences being cast out as a gay teenager. Craig discusses the role journalists play in bringing justice to social issues, despite the bad rap they sometimes receive.

– Worship leader: Clay Nelson.

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