Standing on the Side of Love

Auckland UUs support the rights of the LGBTQI community

Discomfort is our teacher

with Rev. Clay Nelson

Discomfort Is Our Teacher
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Opening words are from ‘Everybody’s In’, a Prayer By Lori Walke

Closing words are ‘A Protest and a Party’, by Hannah Roberts Villnave

Clay Nelson © 16 February 2020

For as long as I have been giving sermons I’ve been guided by the maxim that it is the preacher’s job “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

I always thought it came from some saint of the distant past; turns out that it was by Finley Peter Dunne, an Irish humourist who wrote a column for a Chicago newspaper. In 1901 he had this to say about newspapers, not preachers, although they seem to have a number of commonalities:

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Pride is a deadly sin…or not

with Rev. Clay Nelson

Pride is a deadly sin…or not
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Clay Nelson © 17 February 2019

Pride Month in Auckland has always been celebrated in this community. As your minister I have always invited members of the LGBTQ community to speak to you, for as someone who self-identifies as a male-gendered heterosexual I have not felt it was my place to speak about an experience that wasn’t mine. Beside it has gotten so much more complicated than it was for someone who began puberty in the fifties. Then there were only straights, gays and lesbians and the last two were spoken of in mostly dark, derogatory terms. It is hard to keep up in a world where our understanding of gender and sexual orientation has become more fluid and self-determined, adding ever more letters to the list of those who makes up the Rainbow Community.

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Marching for love? or marching for hate?

with David Hines

Marching for love? or marching for hate?
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©2018 David Hines


I had a rather difficult experience two weeks ago (14 December), when I received an invitation to join a protest in favour of having non-racist immigration. The protest was to be outside Jacinda’s Mt Albert Electorate office. I was invited because other unitarians are also on their mailing list. And I support non-racist immigration, so I went along to the Unite Office a few minutes walk from Jacinda’s office where we were to assemble and start marching.

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Why should we care?

with Craig Hoyle, Senior Reporter, Stuff NZ



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Craig Hoyle © 25th February 2018

Craig became a journalist following his experiences being cast out as a gay teenager. Craig discusses the role journalists play in bringing justice to social issues, despite the bad rap they sometimes receive.

– Worship leader: Clay Nelson.

A House for Our Dreams Blessing By Dori J. Somers