Our Organ

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Concert given at the Auckland UU church organ by Gerard van den Bemd (1932-2018) on the 25th July 2010.
Organist Gerard van den Bemd at the organ console.
Organist Gerard Van den Bemd at the organ console. Photo:- Central Leader

Our stunning organ is unique in that it is divided in left and right side places in front of the church, so that it can provide stereophonic music. No other organ in New Zealand has this feature.

It is also one of the few organs left, in working condition, built by the original George Croft in 1904. His organs have a tone-quality all of their own and are very suitable for romantic music, while also usable for earlier music, judiciously registered, plus, of course, hymn-accompaniment.

Video:-Central Leader
Organ Detail
Organ Detail