Peace & Social Justice

The Peace and Social Justice (PSJ) Group exists to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person by direct charitable action through projects and services external to the church community.

We aim to “Walk the Talk” through actions that align with the Unitarian Universalist 7 Principles. Members of the PSJ Group are church members who are directly involved with PSJ Projects and Initiatives. The PSJ Group operates under agreed Terms of Reference for the PSJ Group. All projects are evaluated, and actions requiring funding must be approved by the Church Management Committee, and Church Treasurer. Approved projects are funded by a separate PSJ Fund, which derives income from PSJ pledges, donations, congregational monthly offertory and fundraising events.

Monthly updates on PSJ projects and activities are given to the church congregation at every 3rd Sunday Service of the month. These updates are (sometimes) available for viewing on the church website.

Peace and Social Justice action has long been a part of Unitarianism in Auckland, much of About Us / Our History / The communion of Unitarian Saints is concerned with Peace and Social Justice issues.

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Winter Solstice Dance Deepening Weekend – 19-20 June 2021

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Here’s a short video recorded on the day

You are warmly invited to participate in a winter solstice weekend, 19-20 June.

10-4pm Saturday the 19th will be a day of dance deepening, open to all who wish to deepen in their experience of the Dances of Universal Peace and associated walks and meditative practices. Please bring a vegetarian plate to share for lunch.

5pm Sunday will be an evening dance gathering, followed by a community shared vegetarian supper, 6:30-8pm.

From 2-4pm on Sunday, 20th June, Dance leaders are invited to join together in the spirit of collaboration and mutual support/growth by contributing in a shared reflection gathering preceding the dance evening.

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Glen Taylor School

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with Chris Herlihy, Principal, Glen Taylor School

with Chris Herlihy, Principal, Glen Taylor School

Chris Herlihy © 13 June 2021


Welcome includes:- “Children Widen the Circle of Our Being in Ways That Are Limitless” by Gary Kowalski

Chalice Lighting is:- “Chalice Lighting for Children’s Sunday” By Christian Schmidt, Alexis Capen

Time for all ages:- “If I Built a School” by Chris Van Dusen

Koha Hymn:- “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child”, #97

Reading:- “Honouring Children” By Linda Olson Peebles

Closing Hymn: “I Seek the Spirit of a Child” #338,
performed by Julia Stubbs

Closing Words:- “We All Emerge” By Eric Williams

Pacific Dyslexia Aid – June 2021 Update

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Although Tonga fortunately has no community transmission of COVID-19, travel there is not possible at present and thus the pandemic has seriously affected our ability to train teachers in the use of Steps as well as supply laptops to schools.

Our main effort has shifted to attempting to collect from New Zealand companies laptops which are up for replacement. We will then provide them to Tongan primary schools as soon as we can. In addition, fund raising continues in order to purchase new laptops for the schools.

We look forward to being able to return to Tonga and assist their Ministry staff to expand this valuable and well received Steps literacy programme, especially helpful for dyslexic children.

Tongan teachers and Ministry of Education and Training staff with certified Steps Pacific Islands literacy trainer Dr Paul Henriques of our Auckland Unitarian Peace and Social Justice Group, in January 2020.

India Covid-19 Humanitarian Crisis

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While NZ has been at Covid-19 Alert Level 1 for some time and life for most has largely returned to “normal”, the Covid-19 virus is spreading exponentially overseas, and especially so in India. With more infectious variants occurring, India is in crisis and in desperate need of medical supplies including oxygen, respirators, PPE and isolation facilities. Hospitals are overflowing.

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Help a Kid to Camp – Thank You!!

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Thanks to everyone for the tremendous support for this campaign! 

Through your efforts, church members have sponsored 43 Year 7 & 8 Glen Taylor School students to the school camp at Kawau Island held later this month.  Sponsorship for these students is very much appreciated, and the school’s Principal, Chris Herlihy, sends huge thanks to all! 

Read the original appeal for more about this campaign

Crafting for the Tree Council

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Craftivist Companions have completed our Living Wage Campaign. There is a poster on the notice board of some of our work, and there are some “graffiti” pieces hanging in the local neighbourhood. Have you spotted them?

Our current project is in support of the Tree Council. We are making 120 brooches with the theme of celebrating trees, one for each member of parliament. We will send them with a letter to appeal to them to act to protect our trees. If you would like to make a brooch please ask Kay, Corrine or Pien for some tips.

Even better, join us at 7.30 on Thursday evenings, at the church.

Help a Kid to Camp

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The Help a Kid to Camp campaign for Glen Taylor School is a request for sponsorship to enable students in this decile 1a school to attend a school camp on Kawau Island in May this year.

You can read all about it on the sponsorship form.

If you want to sponsor a student, then we ask that you:-

  • donate to the church’s account, Auckland Unitarian Church, 02 0100 0024691 00 and reference the donation as “Kids Camp”
  • Return the sponsorship form to:-, or to Gary or Brenda on a Sunday morning.

The Peace & Social Justice Group will send the sponsorship forms into Glen Taylor School so that sponsors can be matched with a student. 

The campaign finishes Friday 7th May, and we ask that all sponsorship donations are made before that date.

Quiz on Wheels – Postponed – Fundraiser for PSJ projects

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The Quiz on wheels had too few participants to proceed today (Saturday 20th March 2021). We will offer it again later in the year.

The Quiz is a team game, there are questions and quests for all ages. Learn something of the history of Northcote/Birkenhead, be wowed by its beauty, and be moved by the love stories that feature along the way. The quest will take about two hours, and we will finish with a shared afternoon tea at one of the lovely beaches. If it is too cold and wet for that, Rachel and Clay have offered their home, as our tea party spot. Details will be given on the day. 

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