Peace & Social Justice

PSJ (Peace and Social Justice) action has long been a part of Unitarianism in Auckland. A small active group of members decided that they wanted to do more than talk about issues, they felt they needed to walk that talk. To do this, they decided to start building a special Peace and Social Justice Fund, and from 2006 onwards regular pledging by these members began. The aim has been to focus efforts where the PSJ group felt they could make a real difference.

Also much of About Us / Our History / The communion of Unitarian Saints is concerned with Peace and Social Justice issues.

Proposed Gun Law Changes

As announced in this week’s newsletter, the PSJ Group has prepared a formal comment for government on the proposed gun law changes. Brenda has been the driving force in this and is doing an excellent job. It looks like there will be a truncated select committee process to hear public submissions on the drafting of the bill. However, comments have already been called for by the PM and that is what we will be sending to government at this stage.

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Duffy Books – Role Model Assembly

On Friday, 29th March 2019, Gary and Brenda Bendall, Paul Henriques and Angela Wadham attended the Role Model Assembly at Glen Taylor School, Glendowie, on behalf of the church, and assisted in the Duffy presentation of books to pupils. It was a pleasure to be part of this school event, and our Church was thanked by students for our sponsorship.

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A Message from our Minister, Clay Nelson

Like all New Zealanders, the Unitarian community is horrified and shocked by the terrorist attack in Christchurch against our Muslim brothers and sisters. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the 49 people who have died and to the dozens more who are wounded. We offer our unqualified support to the Muslim community in Auckland with whom we have built ties in any way that would be helpful.

As our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has said this is New Zealand’s darkest day. It is one of those events that has shaken our understanding of who we are as a people. It will take some time to take stock and consider our future response to such deadly hate both personally and as a nation.

Auckland Unitarians will begin that process at our Sunday service at 10:30. All are welcome to join us as we remember and grieve for the victims and our loss of innocence.


Clay Nelson

Pride is a deadly sin…or not

with Rev. Clay Nelson

Pride is a deadly sin…or not
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Clay Nelson © 17 February 2019

Pride Month in Auckland has always been celebrated in this community. As your minister I have always invited members of the LGBTQ community to speak to you, for as someone who self-identifies as a male-gendered heterosexual I have not felt it was my place to speak about an experience that wasn’t mine. Beside it has gotten so much more complicated than it was for someone who began puberty in the fifties. Then there were only straights, gays and lesbians and the last two were spoken of in mostly dark, derogatory terms. It is hard to keep up in a world where our understanding of gender and sexual orientation has become more fluid and self-determined, adding ever more letters to the list of those who makes up the Rainbow Community.

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