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How can awareness of death enrich life?

With Rev. Jean McElhaney

How can awareness of death enrich life?
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Jean McElhaney © 15 September 2019

Therefore, because death stirs people
To seek answers to important spiritual questions,
It becomes the greatest servant of humanity
Rather than its most feared enemy.

Lord Krishna to Arjuna, in Bhagavad Gita

While we all “know” that death is inevitable, it usually a topic that we would prefer not to think about. When I posted on Neighbourly that I was seeking a co-facilitator to host Death Cafes with, people responded that discussing death seemed morbid and somehow sick.

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Why should we care?

with Craig Hoyle, Senior Reporter, Stuff NZ



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Craig Hoyle © 25th February 2018

Craig became a journalist following his experiences being cast out as a gay teenager. Craig discusses the role journalists play in bringing justice to social issues, despite the bad rap they sometimes receive.

– Worship leader: Clay Nelson.

A House for Our Dreams Blessing By Dori J. Somers

A journey of Faith & Trusting in the Universe

with Dawn Bates



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Growing up in rural England to non-religious parents, Dawn wanted her questions about God & life answered. She embarked on a journey of Faith that has seen her travel deeply into Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and others. Having lived her life as a Muslim for over 20 years, she shares why she has walked away from organised religion and has put her trust in the Universe & Faith of a different kind. Dawn has detailed her journey through life, as child, woman, mother, community activist & fundraiser, entrepreneur & accountability coach in her books Friday Bridge, Walaahi & her up and coming book Crossing the Line. Dawn is an instigator of change and has inspired many people through her appearances on TV, radio, public speaking, podcasts and her regular blogs.

Dawn Bates © 14th January 2018


Mother to Son by Langston Hughes

2 quotes from Maya Angelou

Hope is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson