UU Update

All in-person church activities suspended in line with the government’s Covid-19 response.

We’ll be hosting a Daily Virtual Morning Tea via the Zoom platform – link below – at 11.00AM each day, no formal structure, just a chat for whoever turns up; and a more formal Sunday Virtual Morning Tea, hosted by Clay, each Sunday – both at the same time – 11.00AM, and same link or Meeting ID.

Information for joining our Virtual Morning Tea:-

Meeting ID: 894 916 3748

Shared links from this morning’s (29th March) Virtual Morning Tea:-

We’ll be hosting a Virtual Morning Tea, via the Zoom platform at 11.00AM Sunday 5th April, and each week after that for as long as necessary. Follow the link below and you will be prompted to sign up (Free) and download the app, then, at 11.00AM Sunday Join the meeting. but don’t forget to pour your coffee or tea first. If you have a chalice at home you might light it.

Here is the format: Clay will open with some thoughts and maybe a reading. Then, much like our time for joys and concerns, you will be invited to share anything you are celebrating in your life or anything troubling you. Then there will be time to have a conversation. When it seems appropriate I will offer closing words. We may be separated from each other, but we need not be disconnected.

Information for joining our Virtual Morning Tea:-

Meeting ID: 894 916 3748

Sally Mabelle is publishing a inspirational song each day on YouTube see https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGuYYnMSrYdV360wTIEzYq-mRpnSBNdyr

We have a WhatsApp group to keep members informed of any changes due to the rapidly evolving Covid-19 situation; and also a more informal group to share jokes, stories, and generally stay connected. Contact Kay Parish:- 021 173 7755 to get on either or both of these groups.

We are also investigating further online options for both formal & informal gatherings.

Watch this space.

Covid-19 Special

with Hon. Nikki Kaye

Covid-19 Special
Listen or download the MP3

Nikki was going to speak to us today specifically on the wider community reaction to the Chinese community as a result of Covid-19. Events have overtaken that and this talk now covers broader issues around Covid-19.

Suspension of services

I am faced with a difficult decision. The government has mandated today that indoor events of more than 100 be cancelled, including weddings, funerals and religious services. Except for Christmas Eve we never exceed that number. But one hundred is not a magic number. I am interpreting this mandate to mean if gatherings are not essential, it would be best to err on the side of caution and cancel them. While I think the precautions we instituted last Sunday were responsible, I would not want one member to become ill because we continued meeting. I would not like to think that because we met we were responsible for introducing the virus into the wider community.

I know some of you will be disappointed or even disagree about the risk, but I am suspending in-person worship beginning this Sunday. We are in the process of planning for online services, which we hope to have up and running very soon. In the meantime, wash your hands, self-isolate if possible, wash your hands, maintain social distance and wash your hands.

Be safe,

Covid-19 Update

Dear members and friends of the Auckland Unitarian Church,

Yesterday (15th March 2020) our Management Committee met to consider how to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is much more we don’t know than we do know about how the pandemic will play out in New Zealand. Thanks to what I consider strong leadership from the government to contain the virus, we have had only eight reports of infected individuals as of this morning. There is no indication of a community outbreak at this time. However, that does not mean things could not change rapidly as they have in other countries. Therefore, we should be vigilant and take every precaution not to spread the contagion and to protect our most vulnerable members. Part of that means being aware of government advice and applying it to our situation where appropriate.

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