auckland unitarian church, auckland unitarian church, unitarian universalists, new zealand, UU, auckland historyThe Auckland Unitarian Church is an open, progressive and welcoming faith community. We walk diverse spiritual paths to find purpose and meaning in our lives, but we are united in our belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Whatever your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

Rev. Clay Nelson is our minister. Some Sunday sermons are delivered by members and guest speakers.

Our regular Sunday Services start at 10.30am. Additionally, Continue reading Welcome!

Seeing through new lenses

with Rev. Clay Nelson

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Clay Nelson © 17th June 2018

Sometimes when I choose a sermon title a month in advance it is an act of faith that I will have something to say about it when the time comes. Today’s was one such occasion. I knew it would be my first sermon upon my return from travelling to Athens and Geneva, both places I had never been. I trusted that the experience would educate, enlighten and engage me in such a way that my understanding of reality would not be the same when I returned. It had certainly been true after past travels. Like having cataract surgery or new glasses, I trusted that new lenses would expand my perspective of the world. I was not disappointed. Continue reading Seeing through new lenses