We need your support!

To: Members and Friends of the Auckland Unitarian Church

In two weeks, on 27 April 2019, we will be having our Annual Quiz Night to celebrate our 2019 Pledge Campaign. If you haven’t signed up at church, please contact Kay Parish quiznight@aucklandunitarian.org.nz to confirm your attendance.

Our Achievements

In September of this year we will complete our fifth year with Clay Nelson as permanent minister. Having a high quality permanent minister has increased our membership to 84 up from 42 five years ago. The church programme has been enriched by twice a month adult RE sessions for the past three years with a new programme on Unitarianism: A Living Tradition planned for next month following last year’s programme on Facing Death to Live. We also have an active programme for children.

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auckland unitarian church, auckland unitarian church, unitarian universalists, new zealand, UU, auckland historyThe Auckland Unitarian Church is an open, progressive and welcoming faith community. We walk diverse spiritual paths to find purpose and meaning in our lives, but we are united in our belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Whatever your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

Rev. Clay Nelson is our minister. Some Sunday sermons are delivered by members and guest speakers.

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Pledge Sunday

Pledge Sunday – Sermon on the Amount
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Jonathan Mason © 14 April 2019

Sermon on the Amount

Thank you, Clay. I’m Jonathan Mason, a long time member of the church and the head of the 2019 Pledge Drive and I am happy to come to you today to talk about the state of the congregation and the formal kick-off of our 2019-2020 pledge drive.

It’s been three years since I addressed the congregation and before we get to the canvass issue at hand, I’d like to give a quick summary of my history as a Unitarian and the ongoing development of my Unitarian theology.

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Being “Othered”

Being “Othered”
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Clay Nelson © 7 April 2019

Sometimes a sermon just won’t behave. It refuses to accept its fifteen minutes of fame are over and go quietly into that dark night with a whimper. Last week’s sermon insists on being chewed on and savoured but never swallowed. It prefers to haunt the recesses of my mind demanding, not closure so I can move on unchanged, but discomfort, daring me to move forward into a deeper understanding of who I am. I want to scream at it to go to its room, “bang the door if you like, but go.” I need some respite from all the uncomfortable questions the tragedy in Christchurch has wrought like a snow globe vigorously shaken. “Too bad,” the cheeky sermon taunts me. “You will have no peace of mind until I give you a piece of mine.” And so, it goes. I relent. Last week’s sermon has reclimbed the pulpit, to tell us, “Ahem, let us do go on.”

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Proposed Gun Law Changes

As announced in this week’s newsletter, the PSJ Group has prepared a formal comment for government on the proposed gun law changes. Brenda has been the driving force in this and is doing an excellent job. It looks like there will be a truncated select committee process to hear public submissions on the drafting of the bill. However, comments have already been called for by the PM and that is what we will be sending to government at this stage.

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