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Dances of Universal Peace

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Sally Mabelle © 4th February 2018

No text this week. but here are the words to the karakia used near the beginning of the service:-

Karakia tīmatanga.

Manawa mai te mauri nuku
Manawa mai te mauri rangi
Ko te mauri kai au
He mauri tipua
Ka pakaru mai te po
Tau mai te mauri
Haumi e, Hui e, Taiki e!

Opening prayer.

Embrace the life force of the earth
Embrace the life force of the sky
The life force gathered is powerful
It shatters the darkness
Come great life force
United, Connected, Blessed

And the hymn towards the end:-

Te Aroha,
Te Whakapono,
Te Rangimarie,
Tatou Tatou e,

For All.

Surrendering to Wholeness in 2015

Born to Belong-Born to Give-Born to Bond by Worship Associate Sally Mabelle.


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Sally shares highlights of the new science which is closely examining the substance of our interdependent web of life. Based on Lynne McTaggart‘s “The Bond.” We’ll look at some of the latest research which suggests that a will to connect rather than a drive to compete is the essential impulse of all life.

What is the difference
Between your experience of Existence
And that of a saint? Continue reading Surrendering to Wholeness in 2015