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ANZUUA Service – Connection and disconnection: the story of our lives

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A combined Australia and New Zealand UU Sunday service with a follow-on discussion by Zoom.

As we can’t have an ANZUUA combined physical gathering this year, this is an opportunity to connect with other UUs … All UUs in AsiaPacific or elsewhere regularly associated with us are welcome to join us for the service. It will be a chance to get to know each other and savour all the flavours of Unitarian Universalism in our region.

The service will be hosted by our minister, Clay Nelson, the President of ANZUUA. The service will include contributions from multiple Australia and NZ UU groups. Clay will give the talk.

with Rev. Clay Nelson

ANZUUA Service – Connection and disconnection: the story of our lives
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Clay Nelson © 23 August 2020

From the moment of our birth we are introduced to the distress of disconnection and the comfort of connection. We may not remember the cutting of the cord and the first time we were held to breast, but they were momentous. If our lives were a symphony, these were the overture. The motif of disconnection and connection has been embedded in who we are and repeated over and over again, albeit with many variations, ever since.

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Unitarian Church of South Australia. Unitarian Meeting House, 99 Osmond Terrace, NORWOOD SA 5067
Unitarian Church of South Australia. Unitarian Meeting House, 99 Osmond Terrace, NORWOOD SA 5067

The 2017 ANZUUA Conference was held in Adelaide, South Australia, over the weekend of 20-22nd October.

The theme of the 2017 conference is ‘How Unitarianism flourishes and grows in Australasia’. The keynote address “Religion in Australia: Decline or Quiet Revolution?” was given by Dr Hugh Mackay, a social researcher and the author of sixteen books – ten in the field of social psychology and ethics, and six novels. His latest book, Beyond Belief was published in 2016, and his sixth novel, Infidelity, was published in 2013.

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General Assembly [Day 3…I think]

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Hello Auckland!
I’ve been looking at the various booths with an international aspect the last couple of days and wanted to share some of it with y’all!

The UU Partner Church Council:

(Sorry of the quality isn’t good enough  to read, I’ll scan it when I get home)

Love Resists, which y’all should absolutely connect with, as you already have a experience with being a sanctuary congregation!!

The presidents panel is going on now, in case you want to get a feel for who’s who! I have to vote before 5 pm Saturday (10 am Sunday, Auckland time, I believe). So if you have any questions, opinions, or clarifications, please message me asap!


Live Stream and YouTube Channel

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Below is the timetable with links to the live streamed events, and to the recorded video afterwards.

This is the programme in New Orleans time, which is 19 hours behind NZ, so they are followed by NZ times in bold. Events from earlier on Thursday, not listed here, can be seen in the YouTube channel.

Wednesday, June 21

Thursday, June 22

Friday, June 23

Saturday, June 24

Sunday, June 25

A public chat box will be available on this page during live-streaming events, allowing off-site participants to connect with each other while watching worship and business sessions online. Explore other Online Discussions During General Assembly.


General Assembly [Day 2]

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Hello Auckland!

So I’m sitting in the Welcoming Celebration & General Session (watch here), with my delegate card ready. I will be checking the comments here as often as I can, and you’re welcome to send me a Facebook message (Cassie Withey-Rila) if you are worried about timeliness.

The next event I will be attending is the mini-assembly, at 6:30am Auckland time, I believe, read more on this issue on the UUA website.

Day one [General Assembly]

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Hey ya’ll!

I have my delegate credentials, have finished the Undoing Racism workshop, and haven’t finished collecting ribbons from various groups, organisations, and bodies.

I talked with the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council that “helps foster partnerships between congregations around the world” about getting us connected to others that share our faith.

I will be attending a mini-assembly on the First Principle Project tomorrow to ensure there is an anti-oppression lens on the proposal. I can post more pictures from their literature if anyone would like to read more and share their opinions on it for me to relay.