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Sunday Services

Due to the delayed arrival of some air purification equipment for use in the sanctuary, we have deferred a return to in-person services in the building until Sunday 17th July. Until that date we will continue to hold just the one service via zoom at 11 a.m.

From 17th July we expect to hold 2 services each Sunday:-

  • a 10 a.m. in-person service in the building,
  • an 11 a.m. service via zoom.

Watch this space for any update.

Next:-  TBA

with David Hines & Nina Khouri

11:00AM Sunday 3rd July
(23:00 UTC, Saturday 2nd July)

Meeting ID: 894 916 3748, Passcode: 12345.

and, until COVID allows a return to the building, you can

Zoom into a midweek (Wednesday 29th June) morning tea and chat, with whoever else turns up,

ANZUUA Statement on war in Ukraine

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The congregations of Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist churches and Fellowships throughout Australia and New Zealand are deeply concerned at the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and call for an immediate ceasefire between Russian and Ukrainian forces, immediate cessation of the 8 year civil war in Eastern Ukraine, and withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

We call on the United Nations to urgently broker a negotiated settlement guaranteeing the full withdrawal of Russian forces and resolution of the security concerns claimed by both parties to the conflict. Only a genuinely negotiated resolution that addresses the security fears of both can protect the world from the current danger of escalation into a wider and possibly nuclear catastrophe for life on our planet.

We urge our governments to provide substantial and continuing humanitarian aid to respond to the catastrophic impact on the lives of all people in Ukrainian and to support neighbouring countries who are accepting those who are fleeing the conflict.

We call on our governments to offer transportation to our countries and safe haven and refuge for those fleeing this war. We also call for all persons in Australia and New Zealand on temporary visas and who cannot safely return to Ukraine to have their visas extended until a genuine settlement is achieved.

We commend the words of the Unitarian Universalist Services Committee, ‘All powerful states must be held accountable to the principles of human rights.’ ‘We join our prayers to those of people around the globe, who cry out in this moment—we demand peace; we demand an end to the bloodshed; we demand respect for human rights!’.

Authorised by Rev Clay Nelson, President of the Australian and New Zealand Unitarian Universalist Association (ANZUUA), Auckland Unitarian Church.

Press Enquiries: Revd Dr Ralph Catts

Climate Action Resources

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How you can find out more about, and contribute to doing something about, the climate crisis?

The purpose of this list is to stimulate research / education / discussion / action.

Inclusion here does not necessarily signify endorsement by Auckland Unitarian Church.

Carbon Footprint Calculators


Gen Less – supported by EECA (the NZ Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority). 

How to REDUCE your carbon footprint

Do One Thing – Climate Change

NZ Ministry for the Environment – What You Can Do

Continue reading Climate Action Resources

2021 Service Auction – Virtual Covid Edition

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Begins Sunday 5 December 2021

Ends with final ‘live’ (by Zoom) auction on
Saturday 11 December 2021 at 7.30 pm

Our church’s service auctions are the major fundraising events of the year.

Due to Covid restrictions, we haven’t been able to plan our usual in-church auction for 2021. That’s why for this year’s Covid edition, bidding for most items will take place by email over 5 days (from Sunday 5 December until Friday 10 December).

Follow this link to the catalogue of auction services and items, along with instructions on how to bid.

On Saturday evening 11 December, everyone will have an opportunity to socialise and place live bids on some select items by attending a live auction by Zoom starting at 7.30 pm.

Here is the link for joining our finale evening by Zoom:
Meeting ID: 894 916 3748
Password: 12345

Songs and Chants of Universal Peace — now online – Sunday 26th September 2021, 5:00-6.00PM.

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Songs and chants will be followed by small group sharing breakout rooms.

(But if we are able to meet in the church for our spring dances and community potluck event, this will be 5.00–8.00pm.)

RSVP to Sally Mabelle below to stay posted and for Zoom details. .
RSVP, get more information, or leave a comment below.

West Auckland Dances of Universal Peace – Monday, 30th August, 2021 – Cancelled.

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This evening now cancelled due to Covid.

Come join us for a special evening of dances of universal peace with Sally Mabelle and Matêj Koukl, sufi whirling by Abheer, and the resonant sounds of crystal singing bowls by Katrin Franz.

Ranui Community Centre, 474 Swanson Road

Supported by Auckland Unitarians, Koha appreciated toward hall rental and refreshments.

RSVP to Sally Mabelle – 02102228782, or via the form below.
RSVP, get more information, or leave a comment below.

Quiz on Wheels – Fundraiser for PSJ projects

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Photos from this can be seen on this google slideshow.

On Saturday 7 August Auckland Unitarians will be holding a battle of wits as we gently explore Northcote/Birkenhead. The stakes are high, those in the winning car will win movie tickets!

This is a fun day out for all the family, there are questions to answer and quests to accomplish. Learn some of the history, love stories and and interest spots of one of our fascinating city suburbs. It is highly recommended that each team has at least one member with a phone with access to the internet.

We finish up with a shared afternoon tea chez Rachel and Clay. This is a fundraiser for Peace and Social Justice projects. Suggested entry fee is $10-$20 per adult, depending on what you can afford. Children are free. Winners are determined by wits, not speed! More details later…

Craftivist Companions update: 1st August 2021

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We are currently working on two projects. If you would like to come along and help us with strategy, or just to create your own piece of craftivism, please join us on Thursday evenings 7.30 at the church. Cups of tea, yummy snacks, stimulating company and craft tuition are all part of the package. Hope to see you there!

  1. Our blanket in support of Amnesty International’s campaign for Asylum Seeker Rights. The blanket has a flock of birds of many colours, flying towards a better future, and carrying messages of hope. Purple hearts, representing compassion and courage also adorn the blanket. We also hope to include flowers. (If you would like to add a bird, please point it to the east, so it is flying with the flock.)
  2. We are also supporting a campaign for a fairer future through Action Station. We are making bookmarks, with Fairer Future messages, and plan a guerrilla bookmark insertion campaign, into public library books, once we have enough ammunition.
Blanket with AI logo, birds, hearts
Work in progress…

Dances of Universal Peace — Sunday 8 August, 2021

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Arrive from 4.45pm for a 5.00pm start.

Dances 5:00-6:30pm.

Followed by a community potluck 6:30pm–8:00pm, so please bring a plate to share.

Koha appreciated (to support the Auckland Unitarians Peace and Social Justice projects and events such as this.)

Location: our church sanctuary.

RSVP to Sally Mabelle via the form below.

RSVP, get more information, or leave a comment below.