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2020 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Auckland Unitarians Celebrate Christmas Eve - 6.00PM Children of all ages Service : 8.00PM Candlelight Service : Everyone Welcome : No Christmas Day Service.

Our Christmas Eve was a little different this year.

At 6.00 pm we held “A Christmas for all ages”. An inter-generational service featuring and focusing on our children. Those who didn’t like to drive at night and who normally forgo the later service found this a fun and joyous alternative.

At 8.00 pm we held our traditional candlelight service followed by a festive Christmas supper. This service was live streamed to the interweb, see below:-

2020 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

A Christmas Miracle: Why Unitarians still celebrate Christmas

with Rev. Clay Nelson

No video or audio this week.

But you can still read below, or download the PDF.

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Clay Nelson © 20 December 2020

On this last Sunday that I will be sharing my musings in 2020, I thought I would make it as Covid-free as possible. I decided to muse on why Unitarians still celebrate Christmas against all reason.

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A Subversive Christmas Redux

with Rev. Clay Nelson

A Subversive Christmas Redux
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Clay Nelson © 15 December 2019

People sometimes wonder why Unitarians celebrate Christmas. Even some Unitarians do. It’s quite understandable considering our scepticism about Virgin births, moving stars, the birth of Saviours of the World, divine babies in human form, and whether or not any of it is history. I, however, wonder why Christians celebrate Christmas (and of course they didn’t for the first few centuries after the birth of Jesus). Christians have struggled with Christmas ever since the Emperor Constantine declared December 25th to be the day of Jesus’ birth. Well, somebody had to decide. The Gospels certainly didn’t tell us when the blessed event happened. Since then how to celebrate it or whether or not to celebrate it at all has consumed untold hours of theological debate.

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