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General Assembly [Day 3…I think]

Hello Auckland!
I’ve been looking at the various booths with an international aspect the last couple of days and wanted to share some of it with y’all!

The UU Partner Church Council:

(Sorry of the quality isn’t good enough  to read, I’ll scan it when I get home)

Love Resists, which y’all should absolutely connect with, as you already have a experience with being a sanctuary congregation!!

The presidents panel is going on now, in case you want to get a feel for who’s who! I have to vote before 5 pm Saturday (10 am Sunday, Auckland time, I believe). So if you have any questions, opinions, or clarifications, please message me asap!


General Assembly [Day 2]

Hello Auckland!

So I’m sitting in the Welcoming Celebration & General Session (watch here), with my delegate card ready. I will be checking the comments here as often as I can, and you’re welcome to send me a Facebook message (Cassie Withey-Rila) if you are worried about timeliness.

The next event I will be attending is the mini-assembly, at 6:30am Auckland time, I believe. Here is one UU groups opinion on the issue, and there is more on the UUA website.

Day one [General Assembly]

Hey ya’ll!

I have my delegate credentials, have finished the Undoing Racism workshop, and haven’t finished collecting ribbons from various groups, organisations, and bodies.

I talked with the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council that “helps foster partnerships between congregations around the world” about getting us connected to others that share our faith.

I will be attending a mini-assembly on the First Principle Project tomorrow to ensure there is an anti-oppression lens on the proposal. I can post more pictures from their literature if anyone would like to read more and share their opinions on it for me to relay.