General Assembly

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Hello Auckland, from the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in New Orleans, Louisiana!

I am writing this from the Gulf states of the US, rather jet lagged, but so excited to be here. It’s a little hot and a lot humid 90F/32C, and will be storming a lot while we are here.  It will be a bit cooler than that as a tropical storm makes landfall tonight.

I just finished day one of the Pre-GA training on Undoing Racism.

The business agenda for delegates is here. 

I will be working with Allies for Racial Equity quite a bit this GA, more on them here. 

I will have access to email and social media on my phone and tablet, so if you have any opinions or questions I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly. This is my first time being at GA and a delegate, so we will be learning together. As I find resources on the issues and presidential candidates, I will post them here for your review. I am on Twitter inconsistently at @myminirants

I would really love input from all of y’all, as I am representing your needs/thoughts here!