Pick and Mix Religion

Is it OK to pick and choose religious beliefs and practices?

with Viv Allen.

Pick and Mix Religion
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Also, here is today’s ‘Time for all ages’.

Kate Todd reads A New Zealand story based on ‘Old Turtle’ by Douglas Wood

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I start with a Unitarian joke – apologies if you’ve heard it before.

At a great international interfaith gathering at a major convention hotel, five delegates found themselves waiting and waiting for the elevator following one of the sessions. To break the monotony and silence, one of delegates suggested they play a little game: “Let’s see if we can explain our faith in the time it takes the elevator to go from here to the first floor!” Although they would have to travel up and down several times, the delegates agreed.

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Marching for love? or marching for hate?

with David Hines

Marching for love? or marching for hate?
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I had a rather difficult experience two weeks ago (14 December), when I received an invitation to join a protest in favour of having non-racist immigration. The protest was to be outside Jacinda’s Mt Albert Electorate office. I was invited because other unitarians are also on their mailing list. And I support non-racist immigration, so I went along to the Unite Office a few minutes walk from Jacinda’s office where we were to assemble and start marching.

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