Donation to Australian Red Cross to help with the impact of the Bushfires

 This notice is to ask you to please dig deep this coming Sunday 19th January. 

The Offertory this week will be donated to the Australian Red Cross to help with the Bushfire disaster relief fund.

Thanks in advance for your part in making this a significant donation!

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Donation to Australian Red Cross to help with the impact of the Bushfires

Follow this link to Donate directly to the Australian Red Cross

We need your support!

To: Members and Friends of the Auckland Unitarian Church

In two weeks, on 27 April 2019, we will be having our Annual Quiz Night to celebrate our 2019 Pledge Campaign. If you haven’t signed up at church, please contact Kay Parish to confirm your attendance.

Our Achievements

In September of this year we will complete our fifth year with Clay Nelson as permanent minister. Having a high quality permanent minister has increased our membership to 84 up from 42 five years ago. The church programme has been enriched by twice a month adult RE sessions for the past three years with a new programme on Unitarianism: A Living Tradition planned for next month following last year’s programme on Facing Death to Live. We also have an active programme for children.

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Pledge Sunday

Pledge Sunday – Sermon on the Amount
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Jonathan Mason © 14 April 2019

Sermon on the Amount

Thank you, Clay. I’m Jonathan Mason, a long time member of the church and the head of the 2019 Pledge Drive and I am happy to come to you today to talk about the state of the congregation and the formal kick-off of our 2019-2020 pledge drive.

It’s been three years since I addressed the congregation and before we get to the canvass issue at hand, I’d like to give a quick summary of my history as a Unitarian and the ongoing development of my Unitarian theology.

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A World Without Scarcity

with Rev. Clay Nelson



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Rev. Clay Nelson © 29th April 2018

Money and I have always had a complicated relationship.

My parents loved to tell the story about when I was four. We were visiting one of their friends during the Christmas holiday. Our host gave me a crisp one dollar bill as a Christmas gift. Apparently, I burst into tears, crying that I wanted “real monies”. He took the dollar back, went into his den, and came back with a roll of fifty pennies, which immediately satisfied my objections. I’m relieved to say I have no memory of the event, which gives me hope that the story is apocryphal. Continue reading A World Without Scarcity

A Fishy Love

Rev. Clay Nelson



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Rev. clay Nelson © 30 April 2017

When I was six we got our first television. I think that was about five years before television made it to New Zealand. It was love at first sight. It was beautiful in its large wooden cabinet with its much smaller tube. The black and white images were magical. It changed my daily routine. After school I watched the Mickey Mouse Club, followed by Superman. On Friday night there was Flash Gordon. Saturday morning there were cartoons and all my western heroes. I loved TV everyday of the week, except Sunday mornings. There were only three channels. Two had interviews of people in the news. I was not yet a political junkie, so that left the third station, which had religious programming. Continue reading A Fishy Love