A Dead Soldier Looks at the War

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with Max Moss

A Dead Soldier Looks at the War
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Today’s talk was a reading from “A Dead Soldier Looks at the War” by Rev. David Rankin.  Read by Rev. Max Moss.


Opening Song:- “Loving Spirit” from the ‘Common Praise 1998’ hymnal of the Anglican Church of Canada. Words: Shirley Erena Murray (1931- )
Music: Gross Catholisch Gesangbuch, Nurnberg 1631,
Piano: Robert Aszmies
Closing Song:-Gonna Lay Down My Sword & Shield“,
Performed by My-Hoa Steger, pianist; Andrés Vera, cellist; Asher Davison, songleader;
of First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco, CA, USA