Hold your own

with Nina Khouri

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Nina Khouri © 22 November 2020

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Welcome includes:- ‘Be Here, in This Moment’ By Chip Roush

Opening Hymn: “Spirit of Life” by Carolyn McDade. Sung by Amelia Wisniewski-Barker and Brittany Ann Tranbaug of First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia

Time for All Ages is ‘Quaky Cat‘ by Diana Noonan (Author), Gavin Bishop (Illustrator)

Koha Hymn: ‘There Is More Love Somewhere’ Traditional. Performed by Bernice Johnson Reagon
Reading:  ‘Hold your own’ By Kate Tempest
Closing Hymn: ‘Singing for Our Lives’, written and performed by Holly Near

Closing words include part of ‘The Holy Work of Showing Up’ By Ashley Horan