How can you help?

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The students have now returned to India, but the fight continues to support this group of students to achieve the educational and work related goals which they were expecting when they came to NZ. Please give what you can via our givealittle page.

How can you help?

  • Come to the church to meet the students. They greatly appreciate the visits.
  • Volunteer one or more nights to provide one or more of the students a place to sleep.
  • Volunteer to spend part or all of a day at the church to be of assistance.
  • Loan books or toys that would help or entertain a vivacious two-year old girl.
  • Provide some food or snacks. Most of the students are vegetarian.


Please contact The Hon Michael Woodhouse and the Hon Bill English

and ask them to drop the deportation order on compassionate, humanitarian grounds and to investigate abuse in the recruitment of international students by for-profit “educational” institutions who are exploiting students like those seeking sanctuary with us.