I am the first: and the last

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with Derek Handley

I am the first: and the last
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Derek Handley © 31 July 2022

Meditation / Conversation starter:

  • What opposites or paradoxes are you dealing with in your life?
  • How are you coping within that allness of all things?


Opening Words:- from I Am Life” by Elisabeth Helland Larsen

Chalice Lighting:- draws on Chalice Lighting for Challenging Times” By Lisa Doege, and “Chalice Lighting” by the Oberlin UU Fellowship, OH, USA

Opening Song:-Energy Follows Thought” by Willie Nelson
Reading:- from “Thunder Perfect Mind

Reading:- from Man is not alone; a philosophy of religion” by Abraham Joshua Heschel, 1907-1972

Song:- “Heart Sutra” × Ikkyu-ji Temple,Kyoto / Kanho Yakushiji
Final Song:-Blowin’ In The Wind” (Bob Dylan)
Stevie Wonder and Glen Campbell 1969 LIVE

Closing Words:- by Bob Dylan

Links shared in the chat:-

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