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Speaker & Worship Leader:- John DiLeo

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Today, I’m going to read a sermon, originally presented by Bruce A. Bode. It’s titled Living with Contradictions. After the reading, I’ll follow up with a few comments.

John DiLeo © 20 August 2023

As we were driving home from last Sunday’s service, I was thinking on what I should talk about this week.

During that service, we celebrated Clay’s years with this church as our paid minister, and we acknowledged that phase of our community’s life was coming to a close.

During the Notices that day, Ted reminded us all of the need for members to step up and fill the void Clay’s retirement has created. We can no longer sit back and let him come up with all the ideas week after week, because – simply put – it’s not his job any more.

The ‘theme’ or ‘slogan’ that popped into my head during last Sunday’s drive home was simple: “One Community – Many Voices.”

Simply put, we each have our own perspectives on matters of faith and spirituality. There are things we’ve read, music we’ve heard, and experiences we’ve had, which has crafted our unique beliefs.

Our beliefs may directly contradict those of other members of the congregation. But, as our homilist said, these contradictory beliefs can serve to complement one another.

Collectively, we are the community known as Auckland Unitarian Church. Our individual backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives are the very bricks of which this house is built.

Take some time to think about your beliefs and – importantly – how they came to be. The story of your journey is doubtless worth telling, and the rest of us would be better for hearing it.

Meditation / Conversation starter

  • If I were our speaker on an upcoming Sunday, what would I use that opportunity to talk about?
  • If you are in a discussion group, “workshop” each other’s topic ideas. Ask questions, and provide suggestions (“Yes, and…”) to help one another flesh out their ideas.


Welcome includes:- To Learn More about Being Human” by Erika Hewitt

Opening words:- Break Down Barriers by Rhys Williams

Chalice Lighting:- This Chalice Is Lit for You” by Tara Humphries

Sermon includes:- Living With Contradictions” By Bruce A Bode

Closing Words:- As You Prepare to Leave This Sacred Space” by Andrew Pakula