The Threats to Our Community

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Speaker & Worship Leader:- John DiLeo

The Threats to Our Community
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At the end of October, I travelled to Washington, DC, to present training at and attend the OWASP Global AppSec Conference. On the Sunday before the conference, I had the opportunity to attend the first ThreatModCon, a one-day mini-conference focused on threat modelling.

At that event, I was privileged to hear a presentation by Avi Douglen. Avi is a leader of the OWASP Israel Chapter, and a member of OWASP’s Global Board. He’s a security consultant and threat modelling practitioner, and is one of the signatories of the Threat Modeling Manifesto, created and published in 2020.

Avi’s presentation is titled “The Threats to Our Community,” and I’m going to share with you much of the content from that talk.

As I listened that day, it became clear to me that the threats he spelled out – and the countermeasures he recommended – would apply to any community that relies on mutual trust and respect to function. Communities like ours. So, I asked for a copy of his slide deck, to use in a future talk at my church – he was surprised by the request, but agreed immediately.

In October, Avi spoke for an hour – I’m going to try to do his ideas justice in less than 20 minutes. We’ll see how that goes.

Before I begin, I need to provide a general content warning. While I won’t be going into details of any, I will be naming many abusive behaviours. If this could be triggering for you, I welcome you to remove yourself from this space to protect your well-being.

(John talked impromptu to the slideshow, so no script this week, the slideshow is available in this PDF).

Meditation / Conversation starter

  • Taking into account all aspects of our life together, what can we do to identify and respond to threats to this community’s well-being?


Welcome includes:- As We Proclaim Worth” by Dan Lambert

Opening words:- Being Sanctuary by Jo VonRue and Linette Lowe

Chalice Lighting:- We Come Together without Creed” by Maureen Killoran

Closing Words:- Be About the Work” by Andrea Hawkins-Kamper