Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis

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Max Rashbrooke : Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis (PDF summary).

The gap between the rich and the rest has widened faster in New Zealand than almost anywhere else. So what does this mean for our values? Are we still an egalitarian country? And what is this widened gap doing to the social fabric of our country? Our guest speaker (whose great-great-great-grandfather and family were Unitarians from the UK who settled in New Plymouth), will discuss these issues and more in a thought-provoking look into one of the issues of our time. Max Rashbrooke is the editor of Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis, published in June 2013 by Bridget Williams Books, and the author of The Inequality Debate: An Introduction, published in March 2014, in paperback and as an e-book. He has written stories for national newspapers and magazines in Britain and New Zealand, including the Guardian, the National Business Review and Metro. He was also the recipient of the 2011 Bruce Jesson Senior Journalism Award. No audio available this week.