Message from our Minister

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While it is disappointing, it is not surprising we are back in a Level 4 lockdown.  We’ve had a good run, but the Delta variant is the trickiest and most dangerous to date, so it was only a matter of time.  A year and a half ago, we were still learning how to defeat the virus.  We’ve learned a lot since then and, fingers crossed, we will be even be more successful this time if we all do our part.
Auckland Unitarians will do ours.  The building is closed for In-person and live-streaming worship until we return to Level 1.  Committees, men’s group, circle groups, and renters may return at Level 2 if they can meet Ministry of Health NZ guidelines.
Not all the news is bad.  We will be open online. We will continue our Sunday worship by Zoom at 11.00am. Some committees and groups can still meet by Zoom. Daily support for anyone who needs to just chat with someone outside their bubble is offered on Zoom at 11.00am, Monday through Saturday. Pastoral support from me is always available. If you do not have my contact details, you can email me from the website, which also has further details on how to gather by Zoom.
Covid does not stop our being a beloved community.  Be kind. Check in on our single members and seniors.  If you need assistance please let Clay or one of our other members know.
Stay safe by following government guidelines to the letter. If you can’t stay home, wear a mask.  Book your vaccine.  Give thanks for all those essential workers who have to risk their lives to care for us.
I look forward to seeing you Sunday on Zoom,