Update of fundraiser held in February for the women of Freeset in Kolkata India:

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Follow-up letter from Anthony Watt of Freeset Global on how your generous donations were spent:

“Firstly, thank you for the donation. The money has been moved over and spent. It contributed towards the covid-19 campaign where we provided wages, vaccinations, emergency medical care, education for children missing school and food distribution into our 4 communities, (over 20 tonnes of food!) Thank you for contributing towards this.

Secondly, I am very glad to see the interest you are taking in following this up. It shows a great degree of care.”

Anthony also included a photograph of one of young girls receiving education from Freeset donations.
He comments:-

“She is doing so well in school at the moment. She is smashing all the boys in math, which is unheard of here! So she is a bit of a star.”

“Thanks again for your support Shirin.[and to all those who contributed to the fundraiser] It really does mean a lot.”