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with Derek Handley

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Follow this shortcut to the bottom of the page for the Welcome, Spirit of Life, Opening & Closing Words, Postlude, Links shared during the chat.


As we slowly begin to emerge from this pandemic lockdown, we have chances to think and behave anew when we get back out into the world.

We can choose to return on autopilot. Or we can choose NOT to do things we typically would do. We could choose to BE or NOT BE in ways we would not typically be.


Words of Welcome are from the Mother’s Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe

Spirit of Life is written by Carolyn McDade and sung by the Ogrange County Unitarian Universalist Choir

Opening words are from Self-Reliance an 1841 essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Closing words are A Prayer among Friends by John Daniel

Postlude:- Carrie Newcomer – Room at the Table

Shared Links

Links were provided by church members for discussion purposes, inclusion in this list does not signify endorsement of the linked content by Auckland Unitarian Church.

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