Glen Taylor School

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with Chris Herlihy

Glen Taylor School
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Spirit of Life is written by Carolyn McDade and sung by the Ogrange County Unitarian Universalist Choir

Opening words are Fierce Urgency By Ashley Horan.

Closing words are To Water in Excelsis By Richard M Fewkes.

Postlude:- Carrie Newcomer – Room at the Table

Shared Links

Links were provided by church members for discussion purposes, inclusion in this list does not signify endorsement of the linked content by Auckland Unitarian Church.

  • From Jeff Parke: Retroviruses are nearly impossible to develop vaccines against. Accelerated vaccine testing procedures might come up with a vaccine soon, but major risk is one that either isn’t effective enough, or has a harm profile as bad or worse than the disease. Jury is out for a number of months about this.
  • From John Maindonald: How many have seen this piece of local satire? ‘And the Lord did speak unto Brian’