Help a Kid to Camp

In New Zealand, primary schools endeavour to take the Year 7 & 8 children to a multiday camp, usually located in a bush or island setting where multiple outdoor activities can take place.

Parents of students in low-decile schools such as Glen Taylor often have difficulties finding the funds required for their children to go to camp, and our church helps by sponsoring individual students.

We have contact with the students, and it’s uplifting to hear of the excitement and joys that being part of the school camp brings.

The “Help a Kid to Camp” campaign runs every two years, and we look forward to the 2023 event.

Glen Taylor School

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with Chris Herlihy, Principal, Glen Taylor School

with Chris Herlihy, Principal, Glen Taylor School

Chris Herlihy © 13 June 2021


Welcome includes:- “Children Widen the Circle of Our Being in Ways That Are Limitless” by Gary Kowalski

Chalice Lighting is:- “Chalice Lighting for Children’s Sunday” By Christian Schmidt, Alexis Capen

Time for all ages:- “If I Built a School” by Chris Van Dusen

Koha Hymn:- “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child”, #97

Reading:- “Honouring Children” By Linda Olson Peebles

Closing Hymn: “I Seek the Spirit of a Child” #338,
performed by Julia Stubbs

Closing Words:- “We All Emerge” By Eric Williams

Help a Kid to Camp – Thank You!!

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Thanks to everyone for the tremendous support for this campaign! 

Through your efforts, church members have sponsored 43 Year 7 & 8 Glen Taylor School students to the school camp at Kawau Island held later this month.  Sponsorship for these students is very much appreciated, and the school’s Principal, Chris Herlihy, sends huge thanks to all! 

Read the original appeal for more about this campaign

Help a Kid to Camp

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The Help a Kid to Camp campaign for Glen Taylor School is a request for sponsorship to enable students in this decile 1a school to attend a school camp on Kawau Island in May this year.

You can read all about it on the sponsorship form.

If you want to sponsor a student, then we ask that you:-

  • donate to the church’s account, Auckland Unitarian Church, 02 0100 0024691 00 and reference the donation as “Kids Camp”
  • Return the sponsorship form to:-, or to Gary or Brenda on a Sunday morning.

The Peace & Social Justice Group will send the sponsorship forms into Glen Taylor School so that sponsors can be matched with a student. 

The campaign finishes Friday 7th May, and we ask that all sponsorship donations are made before that date.