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Do Unitarians go to Heaven?

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Rev. Clay Nelson


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Opening Words: For Five Thousand Years, Or MoreMatthew Johnson

Rev. Clay Nelson © 29 May 2016

To answer the question, “Can a Unitarian go to heaven?” I asked Google. I got some interesting responses, all “No!”

No, Unitarians don’t like gated communities.

No, everyone in heaven is in agreement. Thinking it was hell Unitarians wouldn’t go in.

No, a dead Unitarian is all dressed up, but with no place to go.

No, on the road to the after-life there is a fork in the road. The left path has a sign “To Heaven” and the right has a sign “To a Discussion about Heaven.” Without pausing, the Unitarians always turns right.

And my personal favourite:
No, old Unitarians choose not to go to heaven; instead they try to die on the second Thursday of the month because that’s when the recycling goes out.

The next one might have been intended as a joke, but actually is to the point.
No, Unitarians believe in life before death.
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