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Día de los muertos

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Rev. Clay Nelson


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Rev. clay Nelson © 29 October 2017

Decades before he was diagnosed with cancer, the late, great Unitarian preacher Forrest Church described religion as “our human response to the dual reality of being alive and having to die.”

Día de los muertos is a celebration of that reality. Continue reading Día de los muertos

Do Unitarians go to Heaven?

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Rev. Clay Nelson


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Opening Words: For Five Thousand Years, Or MoreMatthew Johnson

Rev. Clay Nelson © 29 May 2016

To answer the question, “Can a Unitarian go to heaven?” I asked Google. I got some interesting responses, all “No!”

No, Unitarians don’t like gated communities.

No, everyone in heaven is in agreement. Thinking it was hell Unitarians wouldn’t go in.

No, a dead Unitarian is all dressed up, but with no place to go.

No, on the road to the after-life there is a fork in the road. The left path has a sign “To Heaven” and the right has a sign “To a Discussion about Heaven.” Without pausing, the Unitarians always turns right.

And my personal favourite:
No, old Unitarians choose not to go to heaven; instead they try to die on the second Thursday of the month because that’s when the recycling goes out.

The next one might have been intended as a joke, but actually is to the point.
No, Unitarians believe in life before death.
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Euthanasia: Is Life Sacred?

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By Rev. Clay Nelson.


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Clay Nelson © 12 July 2015

Thanks to Lecretia Seales the issue of euthanasia has once again been raised to public consciousness. You will remember that Lecretia suffered from a very aggressive form of brain cancer that depending on how it progressed could deprive her of dignity prior to death. She sought from the high court a ruling that would allow her physician to assist her to die should her suffering become unbearable. On June 5th, the day she died, she got the ruling that in New Zealand it is against the law for a physician to assist someone to die. Continue reading Euthanasia: Is Life Sacred?