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Does the Kingdom of God need God?

By Rev. Clay Nelson


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Rev. Clay Nelson © 29 November 2015

Making sense of the world is not easy. Psychologists explain that to do so it is necessary to organise incoming sensations into information that is meaningful. They think we do this by perceiving individual sensory stimuli as a meaningful whole. The brain creates a whole image from individual stimuli.

Optical illusion - duck or rabbit?

Sometimes what we see is really there but we see different things like the optical illusion of a duck that also can be a rabbit. Continue reading Does the Kingdom of God need God?

A Subversive Christmas

Rev. Clay Nelson



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Clay Nelson © 14 December 2014

We have lit the third Advent candle, the one for peace. It promises that the day is drawing near when we will once again hear the Christmas stories from the Gospels. In preparation for that I would like to give you my Christmas present early. Come Christmas Eve, I would like you to be able to actually enjoy and be transformed by the stories without having an internal argument with your rational side about Virgin births, moving stars, the birth of Saviours of the World, divine babies in human form, and whether or not any of it is history.  Continue reading A Subversive Christmas