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Pick and Mix Religion

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Is it OK to pick and choose religious beliefs and practices?

with Viv Allen.

Pick and Mix Religion
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Also, here is today’s ‘Time for all ages’.

Kate Todd reads A New Zealand story based on ‘Old Turtle’ by Douglas Wood

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I start with a Unitarian joke – apologies if you’ve heard it before.

At a great international interfaith gathering at a major convention hotel, five delegates found themselves waiting and waiting for the elevator following one of the sessions. To break the monotony and silence, one of delegates suggested they play a little game: “Let’s see if we can explain our faith in the time it takes the elevator to go from here to the first floor!” Although they would have to travel up and down several times, the delegates agreed.

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Only through love can hatred come to an end

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Viv Allen



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Viv Allen © 22 January 2017

Only through love can hatred come to an end – Buddha

The reason I chose the topic of ‘conflict’ for my talk was because I read a story in the UU magazine that interested me. It was written by a gay woman Gail Geisenhainer about when she was a new member of a Unitarian congregation and long before being ordained as a Unitarian minister. She was apprehensive about whether the congregation would accept her. These are her words. Continue reading Only through love can hatred come to an end

How might Unitarians respond to the Syrian refugee crisis?

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By Viv Allen


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Viv Allen © 18 October 2015

Lately I’ve been watching the world news about the Syrian refugee crisis with a mix of emotions including surprise, pity, empathy, horror and fear ……..

It has got me thinking about how we Auckland Unitarians might respond. We will have time after my talk for a short discussion.

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Hidden Shallows

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by Vivienne Allen


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If you were given a test that exposed the real you, what secrets would it uncover? So, here’s the question… Are you fattist? What about racist? Hands up if you’re homophobic? Do you think a woman’s place is in the kitchen? You would not be alone if your response was an indignant and vehement NO. First, because you may really believe you don’t hold prejudiced views and, second, because you know you’d have to be an idiot to say yes.