Peace & Social Justice

The Peace and Social Justice (PSJ) Group exists to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person by direct charitable action through projects and services external to the church community.

We aim to “Walk the Talk” through actions that align with the Unitarian Universalist 7 Principles. Members of the PSJ Group are church members who are directly involved with PSJ Projects and Initiatives. The PSJ Group operates under agreed Terms of Reference for the PSJ Group. All projects are evaluated, and actions requiring funding must be approved by the Church Management Committee, and Church Treasurer. Approved projects are funded by a separate PSJ Fund, which derives income from PSJ pledges, donations, congregational monthly offertory and fundraising events.

Monthly updates on PSJ projects and activities are given to the church congregation at every 3rd Sunday Service of the month. These updates are (sometimes) available for viewing on the church website.

Peace and Social Justice action has long been a part of Unitarianism in Auckland, much of About Us / Our History / The communion of Unitarian Saints is concerned with Peace and Social Justice issues.

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Help a Kid to Camp – Thank You!!

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Thanks to everyone for the tremendous support for this campaign! 

Through your efforts, church members have sponsored 43 Year 7 & 8 Glen Taylor School students to the school camp at Kawau Island held later this month.  Sponsorship for these students is very much appreciated, and the school’s Principal, Chris Herlihy, sends huge thanks to all! 

Read the original appeal for more about this campaign

Crafting for the Tree Council

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Craftivist Companions have completed our Living Wage Campaign. There is a poster on the notice board of some of our work, and there are some “graffiti” pieces hanging in the local neighbourhood. Have you spotted them?

Our current project is in support of the Tree Council. We are making 120 brooches with the theme of celebrating trees, one for each member of parliament. We will send them with a letter to appeal to them to act to protect our trees. If you would like to make a brooch please ask Kay, Corrine or Pien for some tips.

Even better, join us at 7.30 on Thursday evenings, at the church.

Help a Kid to Camp

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The Help a Kid to Camp campaign for Glen Taylor School is a request for sponsorship to enable students in this decile 1a school to attend a school camp on Kawau Island in May this year.

You can read all about it on the sponsorship form.

If you want to sponsor a student, then we ask that you:-

  • donate to the church’s account, Auckland Unitarian Church, 02 0100 0024691 00 and reference the donation as “Kids Camp”
  • Return the sponsorship form to:-, or to Gary or Brenda on a Sunday morning.

The Peace & Social Justice Group will send the sponsorship forms into Glen Taylor School so that sponsors can be matched with a student. 

The campaign finishes Friday 7th May, and we ask that all sponsorship donations are made before that date.

From Gujarat to West Bengal

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with Shirin Caldwell

A story of the Revival of the Traditional Textiles of India after the “Inglorious Empire” of the British Raj.

From Gujarat to West Bengal
Listen, or download the MP3

Read below, or download the PDF

Shirin Caldwell © 21st February 2021

This talk is an introduction to one story (there are many) of how the ancient arts of weaving and embroidery are being revived amongst the artisans of Gujarat and West Bengal in India. The story is told through my eyes, which were opened on a Traditional Textiles tour to India in 2019.

I joined Joji’s Jacob’s Traditional Textiles of India Tour in October 2019. It was dazzling!

India: drenched in colour, the vibrancy of the people, the fascinating accommodation including the 19th century Itachuna Rajbari in West Bengal, or the luxurious Taj Mahal hotel in Lucknow the Terracotta Temples, the idol makers workshops in Kolkata, the stunning traditional weaving and embroideries, the breath-taking ancient step wells whose stories are carved into the stone walls and pillars. And…the Chambal River ride alive with crocodiles and gharials. All of these will linger long in my memory.

But today, I want to talk about one of the major reasons for my choosing this tour over the many others, that was the social justice emphasis on supporting the revival of the ancient weaving and embroidery arts by the artisans of India, that were almost lost due the deliberate, brutal repressive policies of the British East India Company and later the British Raj.

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Craftivist Companions - Auckland Unitarian Church, Thursdays 7.30pm - All welcome, beginners to artisans. - Making projects for a better world.

Craftivism is a movement in which people come together to create pieces of handwork which reflect our desire for a better world. These craft pieces can be sent as messages to people in positions of power, or left in strategic places as pieces of “graffiti “. In the process of making, we enjoy the companionship of fellow dreamers.

New members welcome,
no skills required.

For the most up to date information, see our Facebook page.

Craftivism isn’t just Auckland Unitarians, it’s an international movement – see

A Craftivist’s Manifesto

Summer Solstice Celebration -Dances of Universal Peace

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Come join us to celebrate at the beginning of our New Zealand summer at the height of the light!

At the church, 1a Ponsonby Rd
Friday, 18 December, 7.30–9.30pm

Dances to glory in the ONE LIGHT within all that is symbolised by the zenith of our full-shining sun at this special time of year … We gather to magnify the radiance within as well, sometimes called “Christ Consciousness” or “Buddha consciousness” or “Krishna consciousness” and known in many other names and forms.

This is a koha event (to support the continued outreach of these events) supported by the Auckland Unitarian Peace and Social Justice Committee.

RSVP to Sally Mabelle 021 0222 8782 or via form below.

All welcome, Koha appreciated.

RSVP, get more information, or leave a comment below.


Peace & Social Justice Report – July 2020

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Peace & Social Justice Report – July 2020

or listen:-

Listen, or download the MP3

Brenda reports that in the Food Parcel Assistance for Glen Taylor School (GTS) during lockdown, in which much of the congregation was involved, a total of $2,370 was donated by us which meant many families in their local communities were helped. The principal of GTS and Clay put together a Sunday Zoom service on 17th May which was much enjoyed.

When asked how we could best help advocate for GTS, the principal suggested we could help ensure the promised upgrade to the school property actually occurs, support an increase in wages for Teacher Aids, and continue to press for an end to child poverty and a reduction in inequality.

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